Regina International Airport is served by two runways 7900x150 and 6200x150 asphalt runways.
The following navaids are available: Runway 13 ILS and NDB; Runway 31/26/08 NDB.

Note: Lockhart Aviation Services Regina does not charge ramp fees.

For a list of the most up-to-date and complete listing of charges, click here.

Regina Airport Esso 122.95

Regina ATC Services (0600-2200L, 1200-0400Z Apr 1-Oct 31, 0600-2300L :: 1200-0500Z Nov 1-Mar 30)
Regina Radio (FSS) operates when tower is closed and mandatory radio procedures apply.
Regina Tower 118.6
Regina Ground 121.9
Winnipeg Radio (FIC) 123.55 ** NOTE: NEW Frequency!
Regina FISE 123.55 ** NOTE: NEW Frequency! FIC will no longer monitor 126.7.
For more information see NavCanada bulletin here.
ATIS 127.00
Winnipeg Centre (Departure) 120.1
Winnipeg FIC 1-866-WX-BRIEF